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Tomcat Motorsport<br>Old Wood<br>Skellingthorpe<br>Lincoln<br>LN5 6UA<br>Tel: +44 (0)1522 683733<br>Fax: +44 (0)1522 687090

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Tomcat Works 88 Car Gallery

4 pot front caliper fitted to rear axle.jpg (268kb) 88 frame full spec. works car..jpg (132kb) Air scoop at roof cross gap filled with clear silicone.jpg (106kb) Body capping cut out round main hoop.jpg (172kb) Body capping mitred at rear quarter.jpg (141kb)
Drivers diagonal showing good fit and clear silicone.jpg (192kb) Drivers footwell inside veiw.jpg (342kb) Drivers Footwell Outside veiw.jpg (349kb) Drivers rear lower bulkhead and floor.jpg (285kb) Front flexi hose.jpg (210kb)
Front footwells and bulkhead.jpg (329kb) Front roof front mount.jpg (219kb) Front roof rear side mounts.jpg (212kb) Front veiw.jpg (362kb) Front view with roof and inner wings.jpg (346kb)
Front view, no engine.jpg (364kb) Gearbox donor!.jpg (469kb) NS quarter view front roof doors and rear wings complete.jpg (341kb) NS upper and lower door with rear wing completed.jpg (310kb) NSF inner arch inside view.jpg (337kb)
NSF inner arch outside view.jpg (322kb) NSF quarter interior and air scoop fitted.jpg (350kb) NSF quarter veiw.jpg (367kb) NSF quarter view inner arches in place.jpg (349kb) OS lower half door and rear wing fitted.jpg (319kb)
OSR inner arch inside veiw.jpg (328kb) OSR inner arch outside veiw.jpg (310kb) Pass. footwell assembled.jpg (190kb) Pass. footwell fitted.jpg (340kb) Pedals fitted.jpg (309kb)
Rear axle front radius arm conversion.jpg (275kb) Rear upper bulkhead with filler.jpg (275kb) Rear upper bulkhead without filler.jpg (257kb) Rear view showing air scoop inner.jpg (338kb) Wiper mechanism in place.jpg (323kb)


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