80" Tomcat



Skeleton Frame


Built from CDS tube. Include Pedal box, door hinges, bonnet hinges and pin location. Seat Harness and pick up points. Also includes front damper mounts (standard) and hood stick holes.


Panel Work


The 80" Tomcat's Front lower internal panels are in Aluminium, loosely fitted ready for trimming and final assembly.


Rear Internal Panelling also in Aluminium.


All outer panels are high quality Fibreglass, and are available individually.

GRP Roof


For full front and rear roof option in GRP for a fully enclosed vehicle.


All GRP can be made in the colour of your choice.



Chassis Work


The Skeleton can be supplied mounted onto the chassis for the customer, including outriggers, rear crossmember and steering protector. With spreader plates to suit the customers specification




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