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Tomcat Motorsport<br>Old Wood<br>Skellingthorpe<br>Lincoln<br>LN5 6UA<br>Tel: +44 (0)1522 683733<br>Fax: +44 (0)1522 687090

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Safety Cell Tomcat basic cage. MSA/ALLRC minimum specification. 50mm diameter 2.6mm wall CFS tube £730.50 £146.10 £876.60
Safety Cell Plus As above with extra bars. £934.00£186.80£1,120.80
Tomcat 80" full skeleton Trials vehicle rollcage/ bodyframe £1,801.68£360.34£2,162.02
Tomcat 80" full skeleton Trials vehicle rollcage/body frame with tubular wing bars£1,926.09£385.22£2,311.31
Tomcat 88" full skeleton Trials/comp vehicle rollcage/bodyframe lower door type£1,854.06£370.81£2,224.87
Tomcat full skeleton 100" national spec Tomcat vehicle rollcage/bodyframe £1,889.94£377.99£2,267.93
Tomcat full skeleton 100" FIA spec Tomcat vehicle rollcage/bodyframe £2,500.00£500.00£3,000.00
Tubular front wing kit (replaces original style front frame or adds to Safety Cells)£424.19£84.84£509.03
FIA spec tube kit to convert national spec 100" to FIA£671.98£134.40£806.38
Fitting kit Full kit to attach skeleton to chassis £165.00£33.00£198.00
Screen frame Screen bead and scuttle panel 4 pieces £85.00£17.00£102.00
Pedal box Pedal box to suit Tomcat build with pedals £95.00£19.00£114.00
Body Panels
Grill panel GRP panel join wings and mount grill £67.60£13.52£81.12
Outer wing front Grp outer wing panel £75.00£15.00£90.00
Inner wing front Grp inner wing/splash guard £65.00£13.00£78.00
Bonnet Grp bonnet with shock bulges £155.00£31.00£186.00
Bonnet EFI bonnet £155.00£31.00£186.00
Side panel Full length side panel in grp 100"£135.00£27.00£162.00
Door skin Grp panel for lower door £45.00£9.00£54.00
upper door Grp upper door panel £120.00£24.00£144.00
Rear wing Rear wing outer panel £65.00£13.00£78.00
Rear wing Rear wing outer panel £65.00£13.00£78.00
Tailgate Rear tailgate panel £65.00£13.00£78.00
Front roof Grp truck cab roof panel £290.00£58.00£348.00
Air duct/Scoop Grp external air duct Tomcat£100.00£20.00£120.00
Air duct/Scoop Grp external air duct Wildcat style curved roof£100.00£20.00£120.00
Air duct/Scoop Grp external air duct Wildcat style fits to flat roof£100.00£20.00£120.00
Inner duct Grp inner air duct £110.00£22.00£132.00
Front roof Front roof with duct £400.00£80.00£480.00
Cage trims Front hoop cage trim panels £45.00£9.00£54.00
Lamp pods Roof lamp pods £65.00£13.00£78.00
Truck cab finisher Grp finish panel £90.00£18.00£108.00
Rear roof Grp rear roof £350.00£70.00£420.00
Tunnel Central Gearbox Cover in GRP £110.00£22.00£132.00
Dash Grp full width dashboard £120.00£24.00£144.00
Wheel arches Wheel arch spats OEM each£58.00£11.60£69.60
Wheel Arches OE style +30mm wider per pair£88.60£17.72£106.32
Flexi wheel arches 4.5" wide flexi wheel arch £175.00£35.00£210.00
Flexi wheel arches wide flexi wheel arch +2" extension kit £82.00£16.40£98.40


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